Amstrad DX3016 hungry for discs? Here is the diet

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Has the Amstrad DX3016 reader eaten your favorite movie disc and doesn’t want to return it? Here is how I acted in this unfortunate situation.

After consulting the top expert on the subject (the defunct forum I noticed that unfortunately it was necessary to proceed to a surgical inspection of the patient to get a more complete picture of the situation.

I then opened the device and checked the three small motors inside it, finding what is responsible for the failure: the motor that allows you to lift the optical disc towards the reading slot seemed blocked. After a nice spray of lubricant on the motor the system seems to be like new again. Nothing could be simpler!

I also took advantage of the fact that it was disassembled to fix the age-old problem of poor remote control reception by cutting the plastic on the front in order to create a small window at the IR receiver. Now only a strip of transparent adhesive tape remains between the remote control and the receiver, simply to avoid getting dust or cleaning liquids inside.

Now, with little work, the player (in my case, an Amstrad DX3016.312.0246 NoMX - version FW is usable again!!

If someone else had the same hitch, I hope these simple tips can help.