Robotito Verde Chactado aka Mod Your Device @ Droidcon Italy 2014

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On February 6th 2014 at 15:40 I explained how it’s possible to modify an Android system at the first Droidcon in Italy.


PDF icon Slides - Robotito Verde Chactado aka Mod Your Device



Many Android devices have customized systems that are different in many aspects from the official one and moreover they are shipped with some closed components. This problem become blocking if you want to build an ad-hoc system for your device.

So we will discover step by step how to manipulate build files, settings values and boot files, in order to control your device and your applications thanks also to the installation of new utilities and the deep use of the adb command.

When all your customizations are ready, you will be able to cook your ROM!

More info at talk page at Droidcon Italy (webarchive).