About Me

I’m a Senior Software Engineer in Biotechware, a manufacturer of portable telemedicine devices.

GNU/Linux developer for the openmamba distribution and also the creator of several open source projects, among which, there are:

  • ifc, a Go library to handle Italian fiscal code
  • clickonce, a Go library to download ClickOnce application
  • Cygwin Easy, an autorun disk for Windows to get a Unix-like environment without having to install anything
  • SimBloSys, a simple system in PHP to manage a blog, just based on ATOM files and without using any type of database
  • whichapp, a little utility useful to locate a macOS application in the system
  • rpmcd, a command line command to change directory to any rpm working directories
  • gtts, an easy access to Google Text-To-Speech (TTS) service from command line
  • Universiade Acronyms, a phone app with the list of acronyms used during the Winter Universiade of Torino 2007
  • Olympic Acronyms, a phone app with the list of acronyms used during the Olympic Winter Games of Torino 2006
  • DMML, a photo album organizer made in XML with XSLT to generate an HTML page
  • ANSI, a batch script to handle ANSI.SYS driver.

Lover of all types of operating systems, I try to use multiplatform software in order to use them everywhere.

Open source supporter, I try to bring more people in this world, organizing the Python Torino meetup and helping with the workshops that I take from the beginning for the GNU/Linux course at the Polytechnic University of Turin.